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Magazine "7 DIAS"
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Newspaper "El Oeste"
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Publication in the Journal of the Argentina Society of Artists. "Of Freedom and Slavery" in ROCA MUSEUM August 2013
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20/07/2012_ Year LVIII CULTURA. Diario of Patagonia since 1954. Shown in ESQUEL
PAPER & PRINTING-collection.
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El Clarin - Culture.
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EXPO-ARTISTS 2011. International Art Fair. The Workshop Artebaz participates with a stand of Graphic Arts.
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We thank the diffusion ARSOmnibus and Arts Magazine in May. And the sample Sponsors: ATELIER paint for artists, Artistic Bookseller SAN LUIS, Ricardo marquería Maidana, organic garden-products of nature.
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Introduction of N * 36 of the Paper Magazine and Stamp in Multiple Original Art Gallery Engraving - San Telmo. Master Ricardo Crivelli offer both a video conference with "THE ROLE IN ART"
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Paper Publishing & Engraving. Magazine collection.
The Opinion Journal
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EXHIBITION FOUNDATION IN PARCHMENT-art of the Americas. Arts & Entertainment Exposed some 70 works of contemporary art The sample of the Arts Foundation of the Americas, of which 18 artists of international hierarchy, including three pergaminenses, remained qualified on Friday Clothing Manufacturers Association. Will run until the 20th of this month.
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FOUNDATION Art of the Americas IN ASSOCIATION garment ____________________________________ Parchment Contemporary Art 2010 Organized by Art of the Americas Foundation, the PAC group and Clothing Manufacturers Association, opened this exhibition that serves as a prelude to what will be the National Exhibition II Contemporary Art Parchment 2011.  Last Friday predicted in ¬ Tailoring Association (Echevarría 551) the pictorial exhibition Contemporary Art Parchment 2010, organized by Art of the Americas Foundation (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires), a not-for-lu aimed cro ¬ contribute to the achievement of cultural objectives of general interest, the PAC group (Parchment Contemporary Art) composed Graciela Ambrosini, Mar ¬ zeal Baronio, Javier Carrera and Daniel Gonzalez, who joined the Association of Con ¬ feccionistas supported by the Ministry of Industry and Department of Culture of the Municipality of parchment. With the participation of twenty artists from the staff of the foundation, including local plastics are Ambrosini, Baronio and Gonzalez, this exhibition allows beyond the heterogeneity of styles, themes and techniques, has as its goal the II Parchment National Exhibition Contemporary Art 2011, which is already brewing. Foundation Artists participating in this show are: Julia Tellaeche, Julio Maria Medeiros, Lucila Marot, Lucrecia Martinez, Maite Pucheu Nestor Sarmiento, Osvaldo Pellegrini, Paul Bra ¬ hamian, Silvina Baz, Gandsas Alberto, Alejandro Maass, Ana Maria Larrabide, Bestard Andrew Maggio, Celia Sarobe, Cynthia Eisenberg, Hernán Di Lorenzo and Josefina Candia.  On this proposal will be open until 20 December and will be open from 8:00 to 12:00, we dialogue with artist Daniel Gonzalez ¬ gaminense, member of the PAC. - What motivated for the proposal cretar ¬ ¬ porary Art With Parchment 2010? - The subject of this exhibition ¬ tion has to do with our sample Empathy concretized in Gallery 2009. There, we met the president of the Foundation for Art of the Americas in which the middle of this year, we invited to join the staff of the Foundation. Two months ago in a talk on the National Hall, Roberto Lagar, president of the Foundation, we proposed an event with twenty artists, some mane ¬ ra, resume jerk thinking next year in August or September, making the 2nd National Exhibition Centre ¬ porary Art Parchment. This proposal ¬ enthusiasm we have Mo and this shows the diversity logic of a group of artists from a foundation that represents all styles and forms of expression are in American art. - The objective of the CAP for the next year is the realization of the National Exhibition II Contemporary Art Pergami ¬ not, how does working? - We are working since all it means putting together a room, preparing the groundwork, aesthetics designing, assembling folders with which tionarán ¬ manage funds that provide private and state enterprises. This is a job that takes time, the only thing I can say is that so far we have very good perspec ¬ tives to achieve a large class lounge, so we keep working. - What circumstances ¬ hangs its realization? - Just economic. - For those who like the proposal that is exhibited in the Clothing Manufacturers Association, what art will see? - Mainly painting but photography and printmaking. As for styles, there is something for everyone.
Daily Clarín
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Contrasts Between-BOOK
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ENTRE-CONTRASTES. Drawings / Prints. Edited by SAAP. Argentina Society of Artists.